Welcome to the world of meteorological artifact collecting!

The International Meteorological Artifacts Preservation Program (IMAPP) is a non-profit effort established in early 2015 when five collectors became aware of each other.

We discovered there was no central catalog that listed the many weather collections and collections located across the globe.  The hope is that IMAPP can provide a central link to the various collectors, whether large or small.  For those of you that hold weather artifacts please let us know so that your name can be added.  We need to build a strong program dedicated to the preservation of the artifacts that document the history of meteorology.

So, check out our IMAPP websites. They are shown at the top of this page. Use the comment page to let us know what you think. Or feel free to contact us directly.

IMAPP collectors have a number of exhibits to highlight their collections. The following photographs give a good glimpse into the displays.


Hug Texido’s meteorological exhibition in Tarragona, Catalonia, (Spain). The exhibition ended on 23 April 2017:




The Campbell Scientific exhibit in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is currently open.


The College Heights Weather Museum shows off its collections in Bowling Green, KY USA.

Goals of IMAPP without flags

Stephen R. Doty, Director